“Happy Wife, Happy Life”…or “Happy Dog, Happy Wife, Happy Life” [if you are The Husband]

The Husband knows that the key to a quiet life is to keep the two ladies (“his 2 favourite girls” as he calls us) in his life happy. This at it’s baseline means spending 4.2 million pounds on treats for Luna every week…

Seriously though, joking aside, we do spoil her rotten. I have been known to question my personal purchases on occasion, but we practically have to re-mortgage the house every time we visit Pets at Home! Those purchases are rarely questioned – of course Luna needs a small plastic squeaky pig toy at £10+ a shot!

Another thing I like about Pets at Home is that you  can take your dogs in there shopping with you. Now the first time we did this, Luna was loving life! I suppose it must be like heaven to dogs – all the endless supplies of treats, food and toys and all the smells that accompany them… Luna didn’t know where to go first!

Fast forward a few visits and Luna wasn’t only NOT loving life, she was almost dragging claw marks along the floor trying to avoid the place! The reason? The Groom Room at the back of the store we frequent…

You see Luna gets her regular manicure at The Groom Room, but far from treating this as the 2 minute painless nail clipping it is (during which she gets non-stop cooed over by the grooming girls too!), you’d think she was being murdered…

I have no idea why this could be (perhaps because she isn’t the biggest fan of having her feet touched, but still?!), but it causes her to be torn between wanting to bound into the store to sniff out goodies, and wanting to burn The Groom Room to the ground…

In her eyes, the only small redemption is that after we’ve finished in the store, we are holding more dog treat stock than they are!

On reflection, I think the real reason Luna may no longer tolerate The Groom Room could stem from her visit there last Christmas Eve for a groom and blow (NB: Akitas’ should never have their coat cut/shaved or trimmed in any way!).

While we left her to be groomed, myself and Husband went for a quick coffee on the seafront, however before we had finished our drinks, we got a call from the groomers to say Luna was ready to be picked up. As it would take us about 10 minutes to get there, they said they’d have to put her in one of the cages whilst they groomed other dogs.

Luna has never been caged and/or in any real confined space to be honest, so I imagine this is what didn’t go down too well with her. Husband practically threw the rest of his coffee down his neck and whisked me out of the café, driving back to the groomers at such speed, we almost made like the DeLorean and travelled back in bloody time!

Husband didn’t want his precious hairy daughter in a cage at all, hence the world record arrival time. When we got there Luna was looking mournfully through the bars of her cage at us, distraught that a princess such as herself had been manhandled into such a contraption (even if for a grand total of like 5 minutes), so yes, The Groom Room will probably always be regarded as the inner circle of Hell!

She received a delightful little red festive-themed bandana for her ordeal, but alas this wasn’t to placate The Beast…

Luna haircut (3)

Wet nose kisses & curly tail wags, The Lovely Luna team X

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