“Who are you talking to?”

I once asked our next-door neighbour (whilst collecting a parcel they had taken in for us) if she could ever hear me talking like a baby and singing stupid songs through the walls, as it was just me talking to The Dog, so she didn’t need to worry. Luckily, we are on better/more friendly terms that you are with most of your neighbours, so she just laughed (then probably backed slowly away from the closed front after I left and made a mental note not to sign for any more parcels for us). True story.

I often (OK, all the time) talk to Luna like she is a hairy best friend and can rarely walk past her without issuing a belly rub or cuddle around her neck with a kiss on her cheek. I just love her to bits, I can rarely remember our life before her. I talk to her all the time and just assume other dog owners do the same to their dogs? I’m not just talking about the usual baby voice as above, but full-blown conversations as if she’ll respond.

The Husband works away sometimes (more often that not over the last few months) and although its usually only for 1 night or a few days most times, I always feel completely safe without him there, because Luna is The Best guard dog.

She can be lying on her back with her legs splayed (her favourite but not most ladylike position), snoring down beside our bed, when she’ll hear a sound she doesn’t like three streets away and will not only be upright and alert, but at the top of the stairs to our bedroom growling within about 3 seconds. She is my protector and sidekick when Husband is away.


If you have any doubts as to her protective nature, on the grounds of her gorgeous fluffy (and sometimes dopey) face, just speak to her longest serving victim…Teddy.


As previously mentioned, Teddy has been in and out of ‘Grandma’s Day Patients ward’ more times that I care to remember and has more patches that a boat full of pirates, but Luna couldn’t be without him.

Those more eagle-eyed readers may have recognised that Teddy is a ‘Kong Knots’ toy: allegedly more indestructible for dogs with a stronger bite (LOL!). He has already been completely upgraded to the largest version of himself (which Daddy presented Luna with during a game they were playing with Teddy, whereby Teddy “ran” behind the safety of a bag from Luna, only to appear on the other side of said bag, noticeably larger)… we told Luna Teddy had been pumping iron in the gym.

Teddy may as well have saved himself the gym membership fees, as he is just as abused and long suffering as his ancestor. Sick of life, exhausted from trying to “accidentally fall” behind the safe confines of the sofa, wishing he’d only been left on that shelf to gather dust peacefully, mourning the loss of his 5 other whiskers on the daily? Yup, that’s Teddy!

Wet nose kisses & curly tail wags, The Loony Luna team X

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