World Cup rubbish

Daddy is being very weird tonight, and I really honestly don’t know what has gotten into him… he was fine yesterday on fathers day (when I obvs got him an AMAZING card with my pocket money)…

Mammy made tea tonight and afterwards he started jumping up and shouting “C’MON!” at the TV. I think Mammy knows what Daddy is up to, but she isn’t impressed either…

When Daddy said “the TV is mine from 7pm tonight mind”, Mammy gave him a blank look and said “well me and Luna will watch TV upstairs in bed then”.

I wouldn’t mind, but I’ll be roped into either soaps or ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ if I am with Mammy – one is full of “idiots doing idiot things with ridiculous storylines” according to Daddy, and the other is “darkly disturbing but brilliant” according to Mammy…

I liked it when we watched ‘The Wonderful World of Puppies’ last week…

So anyway yes, Daddy is being very unusual, shouting at the TV and getting to his feet every so often. When he does this he either shouts “C’MON” again, or issues a slurry of bad language, that I, as a lady cannot repeat of course.

Mammy reminds Daddy “watch you don’t stand on the dog!” every 3 seconds and Daddy goes “I’m not stupid”, then apologies for narrowly missing standing on my ear everytime he does this standing-up-talking-to-the-TV business.

I lost interest rather quickly, in both whatever Daddy was interested in, and the fact he wasn’t showering me with kisses and cuddles as per.

So I draped myself over him and used my infinite cutness to secure a lovely spot on the nice comfy sofa, right behind Daddy’s back.

I heard him whisper to Mammy “my back is killing me”, but when she suggested he sit back then, he said “No! Luna is comfy”.

So I am safe in the knowledge that whatever Daddy is doing, I am still his little princess.

Off for my evening walk now with Mammy. Daddy can jump up and down and scream at the TV without us.

Wet nose kisses & curly tail wags, The Loony Lunatic herself! X


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