Fame and fortune

As the (very) proud Mammy of Luna, I naturally am besotted with her. And I therefore see no logical reason why every other human wouldn’t want their newsfeed inundated with stories and photos of her – who wouldn’t want to see that scrumptious little mush everyday??

So I decided Luna needed her own instagram, and moreso she WILL become mega famous (biased parent vibes). She’s already trending (#dogsofinstagram)…

Seriously though, I do hope that others will get enjoyment out of reading her blog and looking at all of her photos, and it’s not just a shrine for her Mother! (it is)

When I told Husband what I had done, and was enthuising about being “followed” by famous instagram doggos, he said “you really love Luna loads don’t you?”, which made me smile as it’s SO true.

I’ve said it before but she really is like our daughter, and we dote on her so much. Only the other day I bought this for our home…

The only comment it has received so far is my Mother: “it should read (very) spoilt dog…!”

I know true animal lovers are besotted with their pets too, and this is reflected so lovely in two Facebook pages I am involved with – ‘Akita World’ and ‘Akita World Fan Page’. Akita owners are just in love with their akitas.

This is just another reason dog breed discrimation is so upsetting to me – of course every dog has the capability to be vicious, just the same as every human if they get dragged opposed to brought up!

Has everyone literally forgotten the days when it was the Rottweilers turn, the German Shepherd, the Staffy’s?? When will people learn…

I would trust Luna with my life, and she is the perfect little (read: huge) home protection, as proven in her love for me and Daddy.

So if you love reading about Luna, check out her instagram (https://www.instagram.com/loonylunas/), for loads of photos of the little princess!

Otherwise it literally will be just an online fan base for me!

Well I’m off to take Luna on her evening walk. She’s busy snoozing and giving off that AMAZING, comforting doggo smell, that just makes me want to bury my nose in her fur!

Wet nose kisses & curly tail wags, The Loony Luna team X


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