Father & Daughter time

I’ve got to work away for 2 days next week, so this means Luna and Daddy will have to fend for themselves.

Ever since I found this out 4 days ago, I’ve been chewing Husband’s ear, asking him every 20 seconds if he will remember everything she needs…

Alexa playing ‘Metro Radio’ when he goes out, a full water bowl, her blanket and at least 3 varied toys? Her denta-stick last thing at night when they go to bed, her water bowl in the bedroom filled, her twice daily walks, her kong filled with treats and kong paste, frozen the night before to leave her with when you go to work?

Husband’s standard, and invariably predicted response: “I’m not stupid. Make sure you remind me to breath when you leave!”

We’ll see…my princess has certain standards she expects…(secretly I know I have nothing to worry about, as Luna is a complete Daddy’s girl as I’ve mentioned before, and Husband will shower her with love whilst I’m away – he’s even promised he’ll get up early before work to make sure she gets her morning walk she usually has with me!).

He’ll look after her better than he will himself…we went food shopping earlier and, upon adding a multi-pack of crisps to the trolley, Husband declared “that’s Monday’s tea sorted for me”…

I must also add that he (and me to be fair) added about £15+ worth of dog treats to the trolley when we ventured down the hairy-babies aisle….

I can also pretty much guarantee that my side of the bed will not remain empty for 2 days either, as a certain gorgeous, leggy lady with an envious bubble-butt will take it…

I’m talking about Luna by the way, not some bit on the side for my Husband! LOL!

Husband will most likely end up perched on the end of the bed, as Luna will spread her fat, furry butt out and snore all night… (he’ll not be able to tell the difference to sleeping with his Wife).

Luna showing off her bubble-butt

I’ll phone and check up on them both regularly, if only to ensure Luna is making sure Daddy is eating properly and looking after himself.

I’ll miss them both like crazy…

Wet nose kisses & curly tail wags, The Loony Luna team X


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