The Lunatic is back!

So since our last post, we didn’t get very far with actually blogging anything further, did we!

This was due to a technical error with the page not accepting the uploading of photos (and we have MANY to share with you!!).

So it’s going to be difficult to regail you with ALL the tales of Loony Luna, as there as been several month’s worth!

So we’ll just start with tonight, and how Luna is having a girly sleepover…

Baldy Audi Man’s dog Mollie (or Molly Moo Moo’s as I call her) is staying over, and after their initial excitement at seeing each other again, there’s since been more girly drama than the 2004 film ‘Mean Girls’…

Think more ‘handbags at dawn’ than ‘sister solidarity’… here is a photo of “the girls” playing…

For a much smaller dog, Mollie isn’t scared to get right up in Luna’s chops and nibble her ankles. In fact she makes so much snappy sounds, we feel like we are living with this guy…

They have had 2 walks together and have been play fighting for hours, and are only just starting to show signs of slowing down…

I’m hoping they’ll settle down together at bedtime, as me and Husband are knackered already…

Wish us luck!

Wet nose kisses & curly tail wags, The Loony Luna team X


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